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We Are The Care Company - Dementia care and support

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We know that caring for a loved one with dementia can be a difficult experience to deal with, both physically and emotionally. That is why we offer care and support to the families who may be going through this difficult time. We do this by supporting people with dementia at home whilst you as a family carer can take a break.

Our care workers are great listeners, they will use their professionalism and caring personalities to help support you when you need them most.

We serve areas throughout Telford including:
  • North - including  Wellington, Hadley, Donnington, Newport
  • Central - Priorslee, Hollinswood, Randlay, Lawley
  • South - Madeley, Woodside, Sutton Hill, Dawley

For more information about our specialist dementia care, call We Are The Care Company based in Telford on 

01952 201 801

our dementia specialists

We are specialists in dementia care. Understanding the complexities of the condition, working with the dementia specialist admiral nurses and memory services. 

We are an organisation committed to overcoming the challenges brought about by this illness and will do everything possible to help you deal with the problems dementia may cause with day to day life - You can rely on us. 

We believe that continuity of care is key. We allocate a small team of trained carers to individual clients to deliver the required support, and provide the comfort and security of regular, recognisable friendly faces.
A lady chatting with an older man
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