Learning Disabilities

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Providing care and support for people with learning disabilities

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supporting in the home and community activities

Through supported activities at home and in the community, we are able to enhance the following skills in our clients:
  • Through promotion of independence
  • Development of life skills, communication and interaction
  • Support with undertaking everyday tasks
  • Assistance with decision making
  • Building self-esteem, well-being and confidence

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Assistance with life skills and everyday challenges

We provide support for people with learning disabilities in and around Telford.

We provide the encouragement for you to overcome or compensate for the challenges you face and enable achievements in terms of physical, emotional, intellectual and social development by celebration of accomplishments.

Promoting opportunities for clients to fulfil potential physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially with appropriate support, encouraging the ability to enjoy choice, freedom, independence and rights as individuals.

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